Yuga Envelopes - Pack of 5

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  • Made for writers

    These elegant textured Yuga envelopes by Masuya are the perfect match for your Yuga or elegance B5 letter pads.

    Each one is sized so that you can fold your B5 sheet into 3 sections and will make for a special correspondence.

    All Masuya paper products are made in Japan.

  • Masuya paper was born out of a chance meeting with famous Japanese author Fumio Niwa in a cafe. It was approaching the second world war and many writers were worried about an impending paper shortage. It was Fumio Niwa's words that inspired them to set about creating the perfect paper for use with fountain pens, the writing instrument of choice at the time.

    The paper quickly gained a cult status and was even referred to as “literary award guaranteed paper”. Many famous Japanese writers such as Yasunari Kawabata, Yasushi Inoue, Eiji Yoshikawa, Ryotaro Shiba and Junnosuke Yoshiyuki were known to have used this paper.

    It was developed in a cream colour to reduce eye strain when writing at night as the light does not reflect as brightly.

  • SIZE: 19cm x 9.8cm
    QTY: 5 
    PAPER: Cream (lightweight)
    SOURCE: Masuya, Asakusa Japan.


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