Techo Weeks 2019 Hardcover - Honwaka Pappa Doraemon

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  • Doraemon, a manga series by the celebrated manga artist Fujiko F. Fujio, is beloved in Japan and throughout the world.

    This cover brims with charm, featuring the many expressions of Doraemon laughing, crying, and looking inquisitive. You can rest your eyes on the adorable faces of Doraemon any time of the day with this cover. A grayscale Doraemon pattern is printed against a baby-blue backdrop, and the year “2019” is embossed in white.

    This weekly-edition Hobonichi Techo is a compact book that’s easy to carry everywhere. The book is slim and roughly the size of a long wallet, making it easy to fit into a bag or suit pocket. The main layout of the book consists of a weekly calendar on the left page and blank graph paper on the right page. Each weekly spread also contains quotes in Japanese on the bottom of the page. Although slim at first glance, the book holds approximately 70 graph-ruled memo pages for note-taking at the end of the book.

    The thin, light paper, called Tomoe River paper, is strong, resistant to bleeding, and allows ink to dispense smoothly across the paper.

    See the second tab for more information on the Weeks Planner.


  • The Hobonichi Weeks Planner contains the following:

    Yearly Section -

    Yearly Calendar:

    A convenient double-page spread shows the yearly calendars for 2018, 2019 and 2020 at a glance for a useful reference when planning ahead.

    Yearly Index

    The Yearly Index is designed for long-term planning and tracking, with one entire year laid out in a full-page spread. The top of each monthly column includes seven blank lines for you to use as you see fit.

    The yearly index spans the following dates: January-start: January - December 2019 April-start: April 2019 - March 2020

    Monthly Section -

    Monthly Calendar:

    The monthly calendar is ideal for managing schedules. The graph paper design is lightly printed to make it easier to write in your plans and take notes in an even line. The subdued gray and red allow for high visibility when writing in the calendar.

    The monthly calendar spans the following dates: January-start: December 2018 - March 2020 April-start: February 2019 - May 2020

    Monthly Data:

    Each header includes the year, numerical month, the traditional Japanese name of the month, and the English name of the month.

    Daily Boxes:

    Each box is lightly printed with a graph design to make it easy to fill in a full day’s worth of plans. You can also take full advantage of the graph design by drawing out sections to allocate plans or entries visually.

    Week Number:

    The monthly calendars include the number of the week. The formula we use begins counting with the first week in January that includes a Thursday.

    Free space:

    The monthly calendars include free space below and to the left for taking notes, making plans or decorating the calendars with stickers and washi tape. The right page includes 4 checkboxes for listing goals and commitments for the month ahead.

    Weekly & Memo Section -

    Dual Spread Design:

    The weekly spread contains the weekly calendar on the left page and the blank graph paper on the right page. This helpful layout allows you to easily view your schedule at a glance while taking notes and drawing plans.

    Two Dot Time line:

    In order to facilitate the most efficient use of the limited space in each day, we’ve included two subtle dots to split each day into morning, afternoon, and evening. You can use these however you see fit, such as writing plans in the two left spaces and random notes in the one right space, or disregarding the dots altogether.

    Week Number:

    The daily pages include the number of the week. The formula we use begins with the first week in January that includes a Thursday.

    Memo Page:

    The right page on each weekly spread contains blank graph paper to give full reign to users when drawing out plans or writing out schedules. You can also draw lines across the page to correspond with each of the 7 days on the left to give yourself more writing room. At 3.55 mm, the graph paper’s grid is slightly smaller than that of the daily planners.

    The "Secret Line":

    There’s also something we call the “Secret Line”: a vertical line on the memo page that allows such things as topics on the left and details on the right, or drawing out visual timetables and plans. The line is printed lightly enough that you can ignore it when using the page as a whole.

    Weekly Quotes:

    From the heartfelt to the humorous to the whimsical, each weekly spread of the planner features a quote specially selected from the planner’s parent site, Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun. The quotes for the Weeks version are only in Japanese. If you would like the quotes in English, please buy the Hobonichi Techo Planner.

    Mini Calendar:

    The weekly page also includes a mini monthly calendar at the bottom right of every two-page spread. The week of the current pages is outlined.

    Graph Paper:

    The latter half of Weeks is filled with 3.55 millimeter graph paper designed with a subtle vertical line that makes it easy to draw out your schedule or take notes. Page numbers are listed on the corner of each page.

    Number of memo pages: Weeks (January start): 69 pages Weeks (April start): 73 pages Weeks Mega (January start only): 213 pages

    Informational Pages -

    The informational pages in the Weeks Planner are in Japanese. Included are tips on living life in a good mood, introductions to classic Japanese literature, emergency procedures, conversion tables and more.




  • Brand Hobonichi
    Type 2019 dated diary
    Colour Doraemon - Baby Blue Background
    Book Size 186mm x 95mm
    Book Thickness 10mm
    Book Weight 130gsm
    Cover Type Hardcover
    Format Weekly planner and notebook
    Pages 240
    Paper Weight 52gsm
    Bookmarks Two

    Extra Information

    (All written in Japanese)

    Shorthand Note-Taking / Graph Paper / Using Common Items to Measure Size / Solar Terms / Tips on Living Life in a Good Mood / Breakfast around the World / Introduction to Reading Classical Literature / Emergency Preparedness / Conversion Chart / Useful Links / Age Table / Contact List / Personal Notes


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