Standard Flex Nib Fountain Pen Demonstrator

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    • Flexible Nib

      The Standard Creaper flex nib fountain pen is the smallest and thinnest Noodler's fountain pen with the barrel just 10mm wide. It's nib allows you to achieve line variation when you apply pressure when writing. This pen is a demonstrator style and has a clear barrel so you can see your ink inside. It features a built in piston style filling system. Simply turn the end of the pen to use the use the piston filler. This pen is made from a biodegradable resin and may show some particles in the resin.

      Noodler's pens are best suited to the experienced, hands on fountain pen user as some adjustment may be required

    • The Noodler's flex fountain pens are meant for the hobbyist and can be easily taken apart and adjusted if need be. It is also possible to heat set the feed inside the pen if you wish.

      It is recommended to give these pens a good flush with water or pen cleaning solution prior to use to remove any residue left from the manufacturing process.

    • STYLE: Fountain Pen
      QUANTITY: 1 Pen
      NIB: Flexible steel nib
      INK: Bottled Ink
      PEN BODY: Resin
      SOURCE: Noodler's, U.S.A
      LENGTH: 13.1 cm
      WEIGHT: 12g



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