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Snake Ink Blue Racer 30ml


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  • Cures Writers Block*

    Bookbinders Snake Ink was inspired in design by the wily snake oil salesmen of the early 1900’s, and in colour by the beautiful and dangerous snakes of the world.

    Snake Ink is suitable for fountain pens, calligraphy, brush work and art applications.

    The tall glass bottle contains 30ml of Snake Ink, with the label featuring gold foil. Each bottle comes in a brown hessian bag with draw string.

    Snake Ink is available in 8 different colours. Red-belly Black (BLACK), Blue Coral (BLUE), Emerald Boa (GREEN), Eastern Brown (BROWN), Everglades Ratsnake (ORANGE/RED), Blue Racer (BLUE), Ground Rattler (GREY) and Red Spitting Cobra (RED).

    Bookbinders Snake Ink is produced and bottled in Australia.

    *May not cure writers block.


  • Blue Racer

    This colour is inspired by the stunning Blue Racer Snake. The top of this snake is commonly a brilliant blue.  As the name suggests, the blue racer is a very fast snake that can move at a speeds of almost 7 Km or 4.3 mph, and this helps them catch prey or avoid being preyed upon. 

    The Blue Racer is very intolerant to human activity and for this reason they prefer to live in areas with fewer human habitations.

    Their range extends from Canada including Pelee Island to the north and Mexico, Guatemala and Belize in south. This species is also found throughout the US in the eastern regions of the Rocky Mountains in the states of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Oregon, Wisconsin, Washington, and Iowa. 

  • VOLUME: 30ml
    CONTAINER:Glass bottle with aluminium cap
    INK: Non-pigmented, PH-neutral, made from water soluble dyes (not waterproof)
    BOTTLE DIMENSIONS: Height 75mm, Diameter 40mm, Lid 24mm with 17mm opening
    PACKAGING: Hessian Bag with bellyband
    SOURCE: Bookbinders Factory - Australia

    For a review of the new ink colours please see

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