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Prera Fountain Pen - Slate Grey - F or M Nib


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  • Lightwieght & Compact.

    Pilot's Prera collection make for ideal office or school pens or for anyone who likes to take quick notes. It's snap style cap is quick and easy to take off and on and the nib writes smoothly. The Pilot Prera is lightweight as it's made from resin and finished with silver trim. These pens are available in a selection of different coloured bodies and come with a CON-40 ink converter for using bottled inks as well as a black ink cartridge.

    These fountain pens are available with your choice of fine or medium nib. Packaged in a gift box.


  • Using a fountain pen is a special experience that simply can’t be matched by regular pens.

    You have two choices for holding the ink in your pen; Cartridge or Bottled Ink via the Ink converter.

    Each Pilot Prera pen comes with one Black ink cartridge and one piston style ink converter. To use the cartridge you must twist open the body of the pen, push the cartridge onto the prong of the feeder to pierce the cartridge and lock it in place. Then leave the pen nib down to allow the ink to flow through the pen for 30 minutes. Don’t be concerned if it takes a little while to begin writing. Cartridge Refills are available here Pilot Cartridges.

    Your second option is to use Bottled Ink and the converter that comes with each pen. You attach this to the pen in the same way as an ink cartridge, then submerge the entire nib in the bottle of ink. As you squeeze the back end of the converter it will draw the ink inside via the nib. Please repeat the process of squeezing until the converter is full. Then take a paper towel and dry the nib.

    To clean your fountain pen we suggest using lukewarm (not hot) water to clear out the nib and feed until the water appears clear. You can do this by dipping the pen in the water, or if using a piston converter draw the water up inside and push backing out. Then touch dry with paper towel and add fresh ink. The pen may write a little watery at first, but this is normal.

  • STYLE: Fountain Pen
    QUANTITY: 1 Pen in Gift Box
    Nib: Fine or Medium width.
    INK: 1 Black cartridge + Ink Converter
    PEN BODY: Resin 
    FINISH: Classic barrel designs
    SOURCE: Pilot, Japan
    LENGTH CAPPED: 12 cm
    LENGTH POSTED: 13.8cm
    LENGTH UNCAPPED: 10.8 cm

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