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3776 Century Ascending Dragon (Gold Leaf) - Broad


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    • "Ascending Dragon" combines the beauty of the Kanazawa-haku (gold leaf) and traditional techniques to form a premium masterpiece.

      “Ascending Dragon” has been painted as an auspicious work inspired from the ancient time. Using the “Unryu-zu (a folding screen along with the painting of a dragon in the clouds)” painted by Sotatsu Tawaraya as a motif, they applied “Kanazawa-haku Momi Chirashi” technique meticulously on each of the fountain pens. By utilizing a modern “maki-e” technique, they have created a distinguished and sophisticated “Rimpa” style fountain pen. The base is Kanazawa-haku using Momi Chirashi, a traditional technique that after a gold leaf is extended to a thin sheet, it is torn into smaller pieces. These are then pasted to the barrel of the pen, giving an elegant glow that reflects light with depth and adding a lively motion to the dragon, which makes a remarkable, one-of-a-kind fountain pen.

      The 3776 features a unique "slip and seal" mechanism in the cap which stops the nib from drying out when not in use for well over a year.

      The 3776 range was named after Mt. Fuji, which is 3776 meters high.

      Fine Nib, comes displayed in a beautiful wooden box with a converter and ink cartridge.

      This pen will ship for free via express post within Australia.

      How a Platinum nib is made.

    • Using a fountain pen is a special experience that simply cannot be matched by regular pens.

      The Platinum Century 3776 ascending dragon comes with an ink cartridge and converter and takes Platinum's own brand of cartridges. Simply unscrew the back of the pen and press the cartridge onto the pen feed. Keep the pen nib down for about 10 minutes to allow the ink to move through the pen prior to writing. By using the converter you can use bottled inks such as Iroshizuku  or Bookbinders Snake Ink 

      To clean your fountain pen we suggest using lukewarm (not hot) water to clear out the nib and feed until the water appears clear. You can do this by dipping the pen in the water, or draw the water up inside as you do with ink and push back out. Then touch dry with paper towel and add fresh ink. The pen may write a little watery at first, but this is normal.

    • STYLE: Fountain Pen
      QUANTITY: 1 Pen in Gift Box
      Nib: 14k gold
      INK: Platinum Cartridges, or bottled ink via supplied converter
      PEN BODY: Resin
      FINISH: Gold Leaf 
      SOURCE: Platinum, Japan
      LENGTH: 14 cm
      WEIGHT: 19g


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