Techo Cousin 2019 A5 Planner Book

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  • This is the Japanese A5 Techo Cousin Planner book.

    The one-day-per-page A5-size techo was created in response to customer requests for more space to fill with writing and clippings and is designed to be paired with the A5 cover of your choice. The Cousin is perfect for collecting a great deal of information into a single book, using as a school notebook or parenting diary, or simply writing in larger letters. The larger size means this book is ideal for leaving in a single place at work or at home.

    The Cousin also has an exclusive section: the popular “Weekly Pages” tracks a week in each two-page spread for easy planning.

    The thin, light paper, called Tomoe River paper, is strong, resistant to bleeding, and allows ink to dispense smoothly across the paper. Special stitch-binding allows the planner to lay completely flat without having to hold it down. Serial numbers on the inside back cover give each planner a unique identity and make your planner your very own special book.

    See the second tab for more information on the A5 Techo Cousin Planner.


  • The Hobonichi Teco A5 Planner Cousin contains the following:

    Cousin exclusive weekly page

    The weekly page is a special section only available in the Cousin edition. It contains one week per two-page spread, with 24-hour timetables labeled 0:00 to 24:00.

    Yearly Section -

    Yearly Calendar:

    A convenient double-page spread shows the yearly calendars for 2018, 2019 and 2020 at a glance for a useful reference when planning ahead.

    Yearly Index

    Each 2-page spread contains 6 months, with a total of 16 months in the yearly index. The top of each monthly column includes 3 checkboxes for writing goals and to-do lists, and the bottom of the page has extra space for note-taking.

    The yearly index spans the following dates: January-start: January - December 2019 April-start: April 2019 - March 2020

    Monthly & Weekly Section -

    Monthly Calendar: 

    The monthly calendar is ideal for managing schedules. The graph paper design is lightly printed to make it easier to write in your plans and take notes in an even line. The blue gray and red print both allow for high visibility when writing in the calendar.

    The monthly calendar spans the following dates: January-start: December 2018 - March 2020 April-start: February 2019 - May 2020

    Monthly Data:

    Each header includes the year, numerical month, the traditional Japanese name of the month, and the English name of the month.

    Daily Boxes:

    Each box is lightly printed with a graph design to make it easy to fill in a full day’s worth of plans. You can also take full advantage of the graph design by drawing out sections to allocate plans or entries visually.

    Week Number:

    The monthly calendars include the number of the week. The formula we use begins counting with the first week in January that includes a Thursday.

    Free space:

    The calendars include free space below and to the left for taking notes, making plans or decorating the calendars with stickers and washi tape.

    Weekly pages:

    The Cousin contains weekly calendars that are useful for managing detailed schedules for the week. The timeline covers a full day from 5 AM to 4 AM the following day, allowing users to record any and all plans.

    The weekly calendar spans the following dates: January-start: Dec. 31, 2018 - Jan. 5, 2020 April-start: Apr. 1, 2019 - Apr. 5 2020

    Time line:

    The weekly calendar contains a time line that begins at 5 AM and ends at 4 AM the next day. Each hour consists of two lines on the grid, making it easy to write in intervals of 30 minutes.

    Daily Section -

    One day per page: 

    The planner features a format with a page devoted to each day. There’s lots of open space to plan the day ahead and enjoy recording your memories and activities. Think of the pages as containers for random ideas, with a clear record of the date. Paste magazine clippings, ticket stubs and photos to make the techo something completely unique ― your imagination is the only limit.

    To-do list:

    The to-do list is located at the top of the page with checkboxes for keeping track of your goals for the day.

    24-Hour Timetable:

    Work and personal plans take place at different times of the day, so the planner uses a full 24-hour timetable to accommodate all schedules. Each hour is labeled with a dot, and every 30-minute mark is labeled with a line.

    The “Secret Line”:

    There’s also something we call the “Secret Line”: a vertical line that runs parallel along the right of the timetable. This separates the schedule on the left from the open memo pad on the right. We’ve printed it lightly enough that you can ignore it when using the page as a whole.

    3.7mm graph:

    The Japanese planners have slightly smaller graph paper than the English version. The 3.7 millimeter graph paper was the result of extensive tests for an ideal size for writing in Japanese, although the size also allows comfortable writing in any language. Feel free to write along the lines of a single line or two ― or just ignore the lines altogether.

    12 Colour Tabs:

    Similar to a dictionary, each month is labeled with a different colored tab on the edge of the page for easy reference, even when the book is closed. It is easy to flip ahead to write future plans, or flip back to read old pages.

    Mini Calendar:

    The daily page also includes a mini monthly calendar at the bottom right of every two-page spread. The dates of the current pages are outlined.

    Remember This:

    We’ve included a page at the beginning of each month for highlighting important dates, making to-do lists, and writing other notes to help in planning ahead. This section has been changed in 2019 to remove the writing lines and add a Japanese-language quote from literature and poetry.

    Informational Pages -

    Most of the informational pages in the A5 Techo Cousin are in Japanese. Included are grid memo pages, a timetable, words to remember boxes, tips on living life in a good mood, conversion tables and much more.

  • Brand Hobonichi
    Type 2019 dated diary
    Colour Cream
    Book Size 210mm x 148mm
    Book Thickness 17mm
    Book Weight 448grams
    Cover Type Softcover
    Format Daily, monthly and yearly planner and notebook
    Pages 554
    Paper Weight 52gsm
    Bookmarks None

    Extra Information

    (All written in Japanese)

    Day of the year / Week of the year (listed on monthly calendars) / Old lunar calendar / Rokuyo (traditional Japanese lunisolar calendar) (listed on monthly calendars) / Solar terms / Japanese holidays / Moon phase (daily pages include every phase, monthly calendars and weekly pages only include full and new moon)


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