2019 MD Diary Monthly Stickers

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  • The MD Diary Monthly Stickers expand the usefulness of your notebook to help organise your plans.

    Simply remove the backing and add to any notebook. Because the stickers are made with MD paper they will give you a consistent feel when pasted into a MD notebook.

    The MD Diary Sticker set contains 16 sheets total with 14 month-long calendars (from Dec. 2018 to Jan. 2020) and two year-long calendars (2019, 2020).

    MD paper is suitable for use with both fountain pens and pencils.

  • MD Paper is Midori's own writing paper which has been produced since the 1960's. It is designed to give the best writing comfort across all types of writing instruments including fountain pens and pencils. 

    The pulp used in MD Paper is made from broad-leaved trees. Compared to conifers that result in hard, inflexible paper, broad-leaved trees provide for a finish with a smooth texture.

    The process of pulping and making the paper is performed in Midori's factory and each batch is rigorously tested to ensure it meets the high quality required.

    Inspection begins by assessing thickness, weight and color. The most time-consuming inspection is the writing properties test. A variety of different writing implements are used to write or draw letters and lines repeatedly.

    This test is done to check for quality, including ink smearing, drying speed and to ensure there is no bleed-through. It is also done to confirm the writing feel of how the pen glides or catches on the paper, and to inspect texture, including touch and feel. Only paper that has passed all these inspections is given the name MD Paper.

  • Brand Midori
    Type 2019 dated calendar stickers
    Colour Cream
    Size 138mm x 105mm
    Format Monthly calendar
    Stickers 16 (14 monthly + 2 year calendars)
    Paper Weight 90gsm


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