Traveler's Company Notebook and Refills Explained



The Travelers Co Notebook (formerly Midori) has a huge following all around the world and is a personal favourite of Bookbinders.

The cover is made from a durable cow hide leather so it can travel with you forever. The refills and accessories can be changed easily so that after each adventure you can file away your travel journal and take a new one with you next time. 

No two people will use the diary in quite the same way. A feature of the Travelers Notebook is that it clearly expresses the user's individuality in terms of use, innovations and different ideas for customisation, and even though its called the Travelers Diary it doesn't have to be used only for travel. You are the one that shapes your own Traveler's Notebook so take your time to cultivate it and enjoy watching it change. At the bottom of this page you will find links to printouts designed for the Traveler as well as instructions on adding additional refills.  

There are many different kinds of refills including lined, blank, grid, diaries both dated and undated, sketch paper, air paper for more pages without the book becoming too thick, plastic zipper pockets, business card holders, pen holders, kraft paper, brass accessories, sticky notes and more.

There are 3 colours now for the leather cover, brown, black and the newest edition camel.


A quick image search of the Traveler's Notebook will no doubt inspire you to get creative.







Combining different refills in your notebook expands its range of use.  For instance join together a date book and a notebook, two notebooks for business and private use, or a diary and record of ideas.  Choose different refills for different uses and combine them according to your needs. How do you do that?  Just use the connecting rubber bands as shown below.


For 2 refills - place the second book behind the first as shown


Then join together with your spare rubber band as below

Finished Example




For 3 refills - join two notebooks together first as shown below



then place the refills on the leather cover, make a space and pull out the original rubber band that comes with the cover

and then pass the 3rd refill through the original band



Here is a link to a collection of free downloadable images in PDF format you can paste to your Traveler's Notebook.  There are calendars, world maps, traveller's conversion tables, country information, travel plan and travel card plus more.  Just print them out, cut them to size and paste into your notebook.




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