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Story: Why I came back to pen and paper

The truth is, you can get by without them. These days your smartphone can handle most of the daily tasks you might be faced with. But that doesn't mean its always the best.

After carrying a pen and notebook throughout my teens, stopping to pen some lyrics when inspiration struck, and working out measurements of books to be bound, I purchased my first smartphone. What followed was a few years of getting by with a phone alone. But after a while I realised it hadn't replaced the pen and paper.

When I revisited pen and paper it lead to my first interaction with fountain pens. They reignited my interest in the written word and prompted me to again carry a pen and take notes. It's safe to say I will never be without one again, and life is better for it.

So why should you carry pen and paper?


E mails, ads, texts and social media create a barrage of information. Everywhere you look there is no shortage of information to process. Some of it is important, most of it is not and with that pen and paper becomes the ultimate filter. You can filter out all of life’s “spam” and only write down the details and reminders that are truly important. It creates a reference free from distraction, it is your safe zone.


Travelling can be magical, the sights, sounds and smells form some of our best memories. Photo's and video's capture some of the story, but there is a lot that can be missed. Writing allows you to capture all the little details, like those random encounters with people, funny observations you weren't quick enough to photograph and perhaps most importantly, the emotions you feel as you go about your travels. It allows you to relive the whole story behind the photos once the memories have started to fade.

It's Personal

Leaving a note or writing a letter has almost become a luxury. It can brighten someone’s day because it has become such a personal gesture. The simple act of putting pen to paper with some carefully chosen words can create a treasured item.


With the speed at which technology is advancing it doesn't take long for our latest phone or computer to become out of date making it difficult to archive and look back (think VHS). A notebook never becomes obsolete. You can look back decades.


Studies have shown that students who write physical notes compared to note taking on a device better retain that knowledge, which leads to better test results.

These are just some of the benefits to going "old school". Writing is a personal experience and we all do it for different reasons, try it out and see how it can help you.

Until next time,


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