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How to set multiple refills in your Traveler's Notebook

Combining different refills in your notebook expands its range of use. For instance, join together a datebook and a scratch pad, two notebooks for private and business use, or a diary and a record of ideas. Choose different refills for different uses, and combine them according to your needs. How is this done? Just use the connecting rubber bands, as shown below.

How to set two refills:

Set your first refill in the Traveler's Notebook as it comes and lay the leather cover flat.

Place your second refill alongside the first.

Open both refills to the middle pages, and slide one of the connecting bands over half of each notebook as shown above.

Tip: Give the rubber connecting band a little stretch to loosen it up.

Finished result, your Traveler's Notebook is now setup to hold two refills.


How to set three refills:

Pick two of the refills you would like in your Traveler's Notebook. These will end up as your first and third refills. Open both to the middle and put the covers together as shown.

Now take one of your connecting bands and put it over half of each notebook as shown.

Tip: Give the rubber connecting band a little stretch to loosen it up.

Lay the connected refills on the leather cover.

Pull the Traveler's Notebooks band through the space between the two refills.

Open up your third refill to the middle page and slide it through the Traveler's Notebooks band.

Finished result, your Traveler's Notebook now holds three refills.


You can easily add more refills such as the plastic zipper pockets, business card holders and kraft files by laying them flat and sliding them between the inside of the Traveler's leather cover and notebook refills. They will be held in by the Traveler's band. 

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